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High quality requirements are placed on engineering plastics today, especially in the automotive, aerospace, medical technology and information technology industries. Even the smallest impurities can render the granules unusable for applications in these industries. Even a careful processing procedure cannot always prevent contamination. Contamination can occur during production due to burn-in or during packaging, transport or improper storage.

We are at your side as a professional service provider to handle the sifting, dedusting, sorting and metal separation of plastic granules and granular raw materials for you. We offer optical sorting from 60 µm defect detection for large and small batches and ensure almost 100% pure granulate with low scrap.
How we do it? With ANYSORT we were able to win one of the most innovative and high-tech manufacturers as a partner. Even unusual sorting requests can be solved individually and cost-efficiently. In addition to technical excellence and innovative software, our ANYSORT color sorting machines offer the highest sorting quality with low rejects.
We offer contract sorting for recycled plastics up to high-quality pellets. Pure thermoplastic and technical plastic waste from the manufacturing plastics industry is professionally and flexibly processed by us. The resulting raw materials are made available again as regrind or regranulate. The innovative color sorters used by ANYSORT deliver the best quality and highest reliability. We are experienced, flexible and reliable in handling large and small projects. With our state-of-the-art sorting machines and nearly 20 years of experience in sorting free-flowing products, we consistently pursue a zero-defect strategy.  Analysis, consulting, technology and service from a single source.

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Plastic sorting

Unbeatably economical!

By choosing the right color sorter for plastics, recyclates, pellets, flakes, granules and virgin products, excellent results can be achieved. The color sorters are suitable for almost any capacity requirement. The different sorting widths offer unprecedented capacities with very good sorting efficiency. Each ANYSORT color sorter is standard equipped with full color sensors at 0.04 mm resolution, shape recognition and the innovative Cloud function. The color sorting is used in recycling plants for various products, whether for heavier flakes of PVC or for lighter flakes of PET bottles. In case of color differences, all other plastics can be sorted as well. Due to the achieved purities and the highly concentrated fractions, contract sorting pays for itself quickly.


Recycling sorting

Highly efficient plastic, recyclate and pellet sorting.

Recycling as a recovery process by which waste is reprocessed into products or materials either for the original purpose or for other purposes. Waste products are recycled or their source materials become secondary raw materials. For the reliable and very fast sorting of recyclates (e.g. product waste), flakes and regrinds (PVC, PET, PP, PE, …) our ANYSORT color sorters are perfectly suited and reliably sort large quantities in the shortest possible time. Our energy-efficient sorters also prove their worth with regrinds, when pellets are produced again from films and used for recycling.


Recycling by polymers

Sophisticated and reliable! ANYSORT color sorter

Very demanding is the sorting of plastics of the same color, e.g. black from black, white from white or clear from clear (PE/PP, PBT/POM, PET/PVC).  As our ANYSORT color sorters are equipped with full color sensors at 0.04 mm resolution, shape recognition and the innovative Cloud function, these technical requirements are particularly suitable for the color sorting of synthetic or semi-synthetic polymers. They are the main component for the production of plastics that can be sorted and separated in recycling plants according to all requirements.