IAC’s. Mycotoxins. Sensitive mycotoxin recognition
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3U Vision

Innovative high-performance sorting machines for food, plastics and metal
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Sorting machines. Colour sorters with spot on technology
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Klaus Ruttmann GmbH
We are a trading company in the Hanseatic tradition, which means we really know a lot about the business we are in. We know why we sell what, and to whom. We are a reliable partner, not too big and always a step ahead, because we do almost anything for our customers. You can benefit from our experience and contacts. Our high level of identification with the very different demands of our contacts and our detailed knowledge of the market, along with technical expertise, mean that we always succeed in finding solutions customised to your needs: analysis, advice and sales – all under a single roof! Along with friendly service.
About Us
We are a classic Hamburg trading company. Fulfilling high quality standards is important to us. That is why we consider service a top priority: We want to find the best solution to your problem. We analyse your needs and find technical solutions that allow you to achieve reliable and cost-reducing results.

Our services include: quality and product management, carrying out training programmes, technical coaching, market analyses, providing advice and service, and all this round the clock. We are here for you 24/7.


“We can always get hold of someone at your office. That is what kept our production up and running the other day, right in the middle of the harvest season.”-
“I was a little worried about switching to a different manufacturer, but my hesitation proved to be unfounded. If only I had done so sooner.”-
“There is a huge demand for reliable colour sorters at competitive prices. So I am glad that ours could be delivered so quickly via Ruttmann GmbH.”-
“Ruttmann GmbH responds immediately. I was able to stick to my schedule despite really adverse weather conditions.”-
“I really like the fact that Ruttmann’s technician continues to service and look after the sorters I am familiar with.”-
“I have been working with the new colour sorter and am completely taken by its simple operation and the high quality of the result.”-

Quality & Projectmanagement

The effective way of introducing, realising, developing and monitoring ANYSORT colour sorters for individual applications on the ground.

Training Courses

By request, we offer interested companies information for multiple attendees looking at the market and the appropriate solution for individual problems.

Technical Coaching

Training in and explanation of the different potential applications. Introduction to the technology and the technical diversity of sorting machines.

Market Analysis

We can support you in assessing the market situation correctly, providing data, facts and information about the sorting business in Germany, Europe and around the world.


Finding the right colour sorter for individual solutions. Modern. Fast. Low-maintenance, inexpensive and long-lived.



We are a reliable partner, not too big and always a step ahead, and we do almost anything for our customers, round the clock.

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