Feb 21
Mar 17
Apr 02

VICAM test method for mycotoxins in cannabis

Mycotoxins in cannabis Mycotoxins are regulated in many commodities worldwide. Cannabis can also be affected by mycotoxin contamination. Contamination can occur in both indoor and outdoor cultivation and during storage, whether treated for pesticides or not. Cannabis and its derivatives are challenging to analyze for regulated mycotoxins, especially the identification... read more →
Mar 18
Jan 31

New agency for Bio-Check UK in Germany

BIO-CHECK (UK) with extremely sensitive test equipment for the detection of gluten or allergens in food and other specifications, such as adulteration of raw meat, has entrusted Klaus Ruttmann GmbH with the distribution in Europe. We are pleased about the constructive expansion of our business field.
Jan 31
Dec 09
Dec 07

Agritechnica 2019 – what an experience!

We were able to conclude the Agritechnica with many suggestions, constructive discussions and a large number of sorting patterns. A complete success! The main results: Most sensitive detection of ergot even in wheat New for us. Diverse requirements: small quantities for a wide variety of products The compact G64 The... read more →
Dec 06

K Fair 2019: Sensational demonstration results

An exciting trade fair for us, both in preparation and in follow-up. We have been confirmed a growing need for recycling sorting capabilities, have talked again and again about the need for sensitive detection of pellets, flakes and regranulates and were able to present our Colour Sorters: because NEW is:... read more →
Jul 04

Myco 5in1- Single Extraction

Summer has arrived across the U.S, and we are anticipating an exciting season of growth and opportunity – especially with the release of our Myco 5-in-1 solution for on-site detection of up to 5 mycotoxins with one, solvent-free extraction!  Your customers are now able to quantify up to 5 major mycotoxins... read more →