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Test method for mycotoxins in cannabis
VICAM: Highest quality and greatest safety through many years of experience.
Mycotoxins are regulated in many commodities worldwide. Cannabis can also be affected by mycotoxin contamination. Contamination can occur both indoors and outdoors during cultivation and storage, whether treated for pesticides or not. Similarly, cannabis can draw contaminants from the soil in which it is grown. Cannabis and its derivatives are challenging to analyze for regulated mycotoxins, especially the identification of aflatoxin B1, B2, G1, G2, and ochratoxin A.
Test Systems

VICAM’s family of aflatoxin and ochratoxin test kits offers cannabis companies and laboratories a full range of practical, versatile solutions to ensure technical and regulatory requirements for product quality and safety. From the AflaCheck® MMJ strip test for rapid, on-site visual screening to the highly sensitive AflaTest™ and OchraTest™ immunoaffinity columns (IAC) for quantitative measurement with a user-friendly fluorometer or advanced HPLC, UPLC or LC-MS/MS systems.

Each VICAM immunoassay meets the requirement of detecting mycotoxin levels in the ppb (parts per billion) range in a highly complex plant matrix. These methods are a strategic solution for companies where time and resources are limited: with only one extraction from a taken sample to test for both mycotoxins. Sample cleanup with IA columns is simple, fast and thorough, and minimizes the use of organic solvents.

No additional steps or laboratory materials are required to remove matrix interferences. To maximize these efficiency and sustainability benefits, VICAM offers a wide-bore (WB) version of the columns for high-throughput quantitative testing and AflaOchra™ HPLC, a combination column that simultaneously detects aflatoxins B1, B2, G1, and G2, as well as for ochratoxin A

AflaCheck™ Strip Tests

On-site medical cannabis testing results enable rapid decision making, reducing the costly consequences of mycotoxin contamination. AflaCheck is a one-step qualitative test kit for the detection of aflatoxins based on the highly specific reactions between antibodies and target contaminants.

– Fast – results in as little as 7 minutes
– Simple – no special training or equipment required
– Accurate – detects aflatoxin contamination down to a concentration of 20 ppb
– Convenient – can be performed anywhere
– Durable – long shelf life, no refrigeration required
– Economical – cost-effective first step in your testing protocol

VICAM test method for cannabis

AflaTest™ and OchraTest™ Test Columns

AflaTest™ WB
AflaTest WB is a quantitative method for the detection of aflatoxin in medical cannabis. VICAM’s advanced biotechnology enables precise measurement of aflatoxins B1, B2, G1, G2 and M1 in both pristine and complex samples. The AflaTest WB mycotoxin testing system can be used anywhere: Growing site, quality control, analytical testing laboratory.

– Convenient – for use with fluorometer, HPLC, UPLC or LC-MS
– Comprehensive – isolation and detection of all aflatoxins
– Durable – long shelf life; no refrigeration required
– Versatile – methodology for cannabis flowers and concentrates
– Wide range – detects levels up to 100 ppb with an LOD of 0.25 ppb
– Safe – uses less toxic materials than conventional methods

OchraTest™ WB
OchraTest WB is a quantitative method for the detection of ochratoxin A in medical cannabis by fluorometer, LC and LC-MS. Wide-bore immunoaffinity columns with a total volume of 3 mL, allow a fast flow rate and are the ideal purification step for LC and LC-MS detection of ochratoxins.

– Exclusive – specifically designed for fluorometer, HPLC, UPLC or LC-MS use
– Durable – long shelf life; requires no refrigeration
– Versatile – for use with a wide range of samples
– Wide range – detects values up to 100 ppb with an LOD of 3 ppb
– Fast flow – allows more volume to pass over the column

AflaOchra™ HPLC
AflaOchra HPLC is a combination test that produces accurate numerical results for both ochratoxin A and aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 and G2 in medical cannabis using a single column. AflaOchra HPLC can be performed in less than 30 minutes (without sample preparation and extraction) and requires only basic HPLC skills.

– Exclusive – for HPLC, UPLC and liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC-MS)
– Comprehensive – detects aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 and G2 as well as ochratoxin A
– Long-lasting – long shelf life; requires no refrigeration
– Versatile – can be used with a wide variety of samples
– Wide measurement range – measures levels from 0.25 ppb up to 100 ppb
– Safe – requires less toxic materials than other methods

VICAM test method for cannabis

VICAM Mycotoxin Detection for Cannabis (Instruction Manual)

Series-4EX Fluorometer

Serie-4EX Fluorometer
The VICAM Series-4EX Fluorometer accurately measures down to extremely low PPT concentrations of mycotoxins in samples prepared with the VICAM columns. Expanded data storage capacity allows storage of all VICAM mycotoxin test protocols and calibration levels, as well as up to 200 test results. Stored test protocols allow digital display in PPM, PPB, PPT, mg/kg, μg/kg, or ng/kg concentration units without the need for conversion.

Simple – select test, insert sample, read results
Comprehensive – stores up to 20 test protocols, 200 test results
Convenient – stores all calibration parameters for each test protocol
Accurate – digital display in PPM, PPB, PPT, mg/kg, μg/kg or ng/kg
Durable – over 200,000 tests without changing lamps
Stable – extended period of time without changing lamps
Versatile – can be used over a wide range of environmental conditions

Datasheet VICAM Fluorometer 4EX

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