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Bio-Check (UK) was founded by Phil Goodwin in 2004 and operates from a modern facility in St. Asaph, North Wales. It strongly believes in the importance of evidence-based Food Safety and Quality systems and recognises that this need is driven by major changes in regulatory frameworks, where compliance is not enough; evidence is needed that systems are under control and have been risk-assessed. Bio-Check seeks to develop and manufacture innovative new and improved food testing kits, with functionality providing benefits to clients whilst improving our competitiveness. It avoids, where possible, the status quo and continually examines and improves efficiency in all areas of its business. Bio-Check believes it has an important mission to contribute to tackling the challenges of delivering safe and wholesome food in a complex, constantly changing world.
Test equipment for improved quality of life
Gluten intolerance, allergies and meat impurities
Decades of experience in medical diagnostics and research, analysis and application of food tests to increase efficiency with modern, reliable test procedures for highest quality and maximum food safety.

Ensuring free from gluten.
True gluten intolerance or Coeliac Disease affects 1% or more of the EC & US populations, but many more people also believe themselves to be intolerant to wheat or gluten products in some way. In both situations, avoidance of gluten-containing foods is either mandated or beneficial. This makes the marketing of gluten-free products desirable, but access to this rapidly-growing market comes with stringent guidelines. Bio-Check (UK) has developed it’s new quantitative Gluten-Check ELISAs (now based on the R5 antibody) and it’s rapid, on-site FlowThrough formats (also based on the R5 antibody); between them they offer effective assessment of the presence and levels of gluten in raw materials, surface swabs and food products.


Gluten R5 FlowThrough™ Food

Gluten R5 FlowThrough™ Food Test

Gluten R5 FlowThrough™ Food Test

Gluten R5 FlowThrough™ Food Test 3

GLUTEN R5 FlowThrough™ for Food Samples

GLUTEN R5 FlowThrough™

Surface-Check™ Swabbing


Identifying legislated allergens.
Bio-Check (UK) has developed Allergen-Check ELISA kits and rapid, on-site FlowThrough™ tests for use on a wide range of legislation-controlled food allergens. Already used by labs and food processors throughout the UK and overseas, our tests are effective and efficient, designed to help you meet and exceed both UK and EU food regulations. The ELISA kits quantitatively detect allergens in fresh, processed and heated food products, as well as in surface and environmental swabs. They each use a simple 3-step, 60-minute sandwich assay format and contain all the reagents required for extraction and detection. The kits are easily automated for even greater testing efficiency.

Allergen & Meat Species

Allergen Swab Customer


Tracking down improperly declared meat.
Using its extensive experience in this sensitive area of food safety, Bio-Check (UK) has developed rapid, on-site FlowThrough™ tests and laboratoryCheck™ ELISAs to detect incorrectly declared raw meat. These are used by laboratories and food producers worldwide. The advantage: they are effective and efficient and meet, and in most cases exceed, EU food regulations. The ELISA kits detect the origin in fresh, minced and other chopped meat products.

Raw Meat FlowThrough™ Test

Raw Meat FlowThrough™

Raw Meat Food Flyer

Raw Meat FT Food VALID

German representation
For Klaus Ruttmann GmbH, perfection is the demand. Everywhere and always. Because the best results are important to us. We are businesspeople who know a lot about what they do. We know why we sell what to whom and when. Due to the high identification with different requirement profiles of our contacts and comprehensive market knowledge, as well as technical expertise, we always find tailor-made solutions for you and this with friendly service around the clock.
Bio-Check (UK)
Bio-Check’s management team has many decades of experience in the fields of in vitro diagnostic testing for medical diagnostics and research, pharmaceutical analysis and food testing applications. They have been responsible for the commercialisation of many immunoassays and other diagnostic techniques, including human food allergy diagnostics, detection of allergen, wheat gluten, mycotoxin contamination and meat species adulteration in food.
The company was founded in 2004 by qualified scientists who are very experienced in food analysis. Customer service is very important to us: support when you need it. Competent and friendly contacts and the best equipment for your tests.